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How we produce our cheeses

Quality is our daily involvement

  • 375 analyses a day on milk, water, air & cheeses are done by our own laboratory
  • IFS V6 Highest Level accreditation
  • Traceability at each level (within 1 hour)
  • Local and own milk collection

Origin : France

All our products are made in Franche-Comté (East of France area) in only one factory in Charcenne.

We are very careful with the origin and quality of our ingredients.

A large range of cheeses

We offer a variety of soft cheese : white mould, mixed rind, geotricum, organic, stuffed. We also have a dry quark for cooked cheese equipment.

Our technology

Our cheese technology is different, that’s why our texture is always soft without running. Our products don’t mature with time. The taste of our cheeses depends on ripening.

White moulds stay soft, mixed rinds develop specific flavour throughout their shelf life.

Our asset is that our cheeses never have bitterness or a mushroom-like taste which are considered defects.

This technology is more complex. The percentage of cream in our cheeses is superior to competitors. Our cheeses keep the same quality so our consumers are always satisfied.


A microbial enzyme, a little salt… that’s all !

The environment preserved